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In the face of the global threat of climate change and the awakening of energy conservation and carbon reduction, the lead-acid battery which has been around for over a hundred years comes under heavy criticism due to its shortcoming of environmental contamination and inefficiency. Green energy industry, such as BEV/PHEV, Solar/Wind Energy Storage, Stand-alone/hybrid emergency power system etc., is in anxiety to seek for “Lithium-ion Battery” as solution of which Chang Hong “Lithium Iron Phosphate Oxide (LFPO)” cell represents the best fit. Chang Hong “lithium Iron Phosphate Oxide (LFPO)” cell is superior to non-iron-based Lithium-ion battery in safety and heat tolerance. Also, Lithium Iron Phosphate Oxide (LFPO) cell has an advantage over LiFePO4 (LFP) in environmental concern, the ease of mixing and cost.
Motivated by this global trend in green energy, Chang Hong Energy Technology Ltd. Co. is established to become the largest professional manufacturer of LFPO cell. Cell is the key component in power supply and energy storage system. Anyone who can seize the technology of cell will be able to promote and develop a complete industrial chain of green energy.

Chang Hong Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded on October 28, 2009. Applying patented LFPO (Lithium Iron Phosphate Oxide) cathode material from Formosa  Lithium Iron Oxide Corp.(FLIO)(CAEC USPTO 7494744), Chang Hong successfully research, develop, manufacture and market the best performance characteristic and highest consistency of LFPO cell.

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